Cut Off Times for pre-Christmas delivery:

Outside Dublin: Midnight Tuesday 20th December

Within Dublin: Midnight Tuesday 20th December 




Customers please note, we have now implemented new 3D Secure technology. 3D Secure is the next generation of security for online transactions 3D Secure™ is like a Chip & PIN for your online purchases—designed to protect you by asking a secret password and a personal message. Developed by Visa and MasterCard and used by most retailers, it has rapidly become a widely accepted standard.
Registering involves a quick, one–time process, and we would encourage all our customers to do so. Simply log on to Verified by Visa™ or MasterCard® SecureCode™, register your secret password, create your personal message and you're done. The next time you shop online using your credit card, during checkout you will automatically be redirected to your card issuing bank and prompted for your secret password. Please Note that any information exchanged at this point is secure and private and known to only you and your card issuing bank and at no stage is this information accessible to the retailer.
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