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Tanqueray No.Ten Batch Distilled Gin 700ML

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ABV 47.3%
Tanqueray uses only the world's finest botanicals, picked at their peak of freshness.The botanicals are matured up to 18 months to bring out their rich aromatic oils which give Tanqueray its full flavour. The maturation and blending of botanicals is carefully monitored by the master distiller to ensure consistency of quality and flavour in each and every batch. Tanqueray is the only gin to be produced in the 'one shot' distillation method, a laborious and expensive method for blending neutral spirit and botanicals.This process allows the true flavours of the botanicals to be released. Tanqueray is quadruple distilled which removes the most amount of impurities and produces the smoothest best tasting gin possible. Tanqueray No. Ten is carefully hand-crafted in small batches using fresh citrus fruits (grapefruits, lemons, and Tanqueray No. Ten are produced in one single production site. No third party involvement ensures quality and consistency in production.

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