Tanqueray Export Strenght London Dry Gin 700ML


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ABV 43.1%
Crafted from a time-honoured recipe, Tanqueray owes its unique flavour to a complex combination of the world’s finest botanicals, fruits and spices, picked at the peak of their freshness. The botanicals are matured for up to 18 months, closely monitored by a master distiller, in order to bring out their rich aromatic oils. It is these oils which afford Tanqueray its full flavour.Consistent with its aura of discerning quality, Tanqueray is the only gin to be produced using a ‘one shot’ distillation method. Although a laborious and expensive method for blending neutral spirit and botanicals, the process ensures that the true flavours of the botanicals are released in their purest form.Tanqueray is quadruple distilled. This painstaking repetition ensures thorough removal of impurities to produce an exceptionally smooth, delicious tasting gin.

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700ML Bottle

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