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Boon Kriek 750ML

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ABV 4%
Lambics are wheat beers made with stale hops and fermented with wild yeasts and other microorganisms, traditionally only on the Senne Valley in and around Brussels. The most traditional of the fruit lambics are kriek (cherry) and framboise (raspberry). In modern times, peaches (peche), blackcurrants (cassis), grapes, as well as more exotic fruits are used. Traditional lambics are commonly denoted by the term "oud", which is a reference to "old-style", and these are the most sour. More commonly, though, lambics are sweetened to cut the intense acidity. Serve with sharp cheeses or pickled dishes, or use in the preparation of mussels.
Tasting Notes
Pours a dark, nearly opaque red. This beer has a big cherry aroma with some musty, earthy tones. The creamy cherry, red wine flavour is very smooth, with sweetness up-front, whilst the aftertaste is slightly tart and very dry. It is very creamy, which is pleasing to the palate. One of the best Kriek lambics available and a highly recommended brew.

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