Do you deliver outside of Ireland ?

Generally as a rule No. For various logistical and bureaucratic reasons it is not possible for us to ship outside of Ireland from our website. Ireland having one of the highest tax and duty regimes in the world would make it penalising for us to do so, and you could in all probability find the product locally at a much less expensive price. However, if there is a product that we sell that you cannot find in your local jurisdiction and you desperately require it please send in a request on our CONTACT US page, and we will see what we can do. PLEASE NOTE , We will not be held liable for any of the shipping charges, insurances,duty payments or local taxes that may apply and all these costs would be borne by you.

How much does delivery cost ?

To see our delivery charges, terms & conditions please see our DELIVERY PAGE. We at 'drinkstore' try to make our shipping charges as inexpensive as possible and it is our policy not to take any profit on delivery .It is our intention to only pass on the cost that we are charged by our shipping partners, and indeed at present we slightly subsidise those charges. Hopefully as we build a larger customer base these, particularly our 'nationwide' charges will decrease as we avail of better terms from our shipping partners.

How many bottles in a 30 Kg box ?

Weights of bottles have been rounded up to allow for different bottle weights and to allow for packaging to protect them and also to allow for what is practical to put in one box. At the present settings, it will allow you to put approximately 18 bottles of wines and spirits (750/700ml) bottles or approximately 30 (500ml) bottles of beer into a box.

Full sealed boxes of product sold on a case price will be treated as one box regardless of weight, for convenience and practical purposes.

What is your email address and why isn't it listed ?

Our email is 'info(at)drinkstore(dot)ie' , in that form to avoid it being harvested by spammers. If you need to contact us just fill in the form on the CONTACT US page, and it will automatically send an email for you .

Why don't you sell big branded wines or beers ?

We are a small independent retailer specialising in quality interesting and niche products, Whilst our small bricks and mortar shop does stock a limited amount of big brands to service the local community, our online shop was set up with the a view to extending our eclectic portfollio of products to a wider market. Big brands of wine or beer are not necessarily bad, in fact some are very good, but generally are not very interesting and are usually widely available in convienence stores and supermarkets.Our aim is to promote products that we believe offer a real and interesting alternative to the larger domestic and often very bland brands.(i.e. we believe real beer should have a real flavour, and real wine shouldn't taste like confectionery)