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Our friendly neighbourhood wine blogger.

A site about all things craft beer and home brew with a great and informative community forum that discusses all things beery.We post in the 'Market Square' section occasionally just to let them know what new beers we have.

Ernie Whalley's website with lots of recipes and musings about food and drink.Ernie's seven year stint at Food & Wine Magazine included three as editor.Presently he writes a wine column in the Sunday Independent, reviews restaurants for the Evening Herald and, under the banner of 'One Man & His Hob', gives cookery classes, wine tutorials and undertakes consultancy work. Ernie's food, drink and travel writing has also appeared in Intermezzo, Cara, You and Your Money, The Australian Way, Drinks Industry Ireland and many other publications.

Our friendly neighbourhood beer blogger.Yes this guy is nuts about beer.





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